September 11, 2021

Registration closes Tuesday, September 7 (10pm)

McMenamins Grand Lodge

Forest Grove

Route options from 25 - 100 miles


Every registered rider receives a 23% off coupon. *Restrictions apply.

South Lawn, McMenamins Grand Lodge
South Lawn, McMenamins Grand Lodge
Country roads, take me home.
Country roads, take me home.
Harvest Feast & Hoe-Down
Harvest Feast & Hoe-Down

So. Many. Barns.

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Barn 1 - Jonnie's

Our beneficiary:

It's a ride with a mission. Proceeds raised benefit Community Vision to support their work with people who have disabilities.

Community Vision offers services tailored to assist individuals to live independently, find a meaningful job with a meaningful wage start a savings plan, receive mentorship and family support, and to become valued and contributing members of their community.